Inside The Investor's Brain. The Power Of Mind Over Money

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Unique insights into how the mind of an investor operates and how developing emotional awareness leads to long-term success Inside the Investor's Brain provides readers with specific techniques for understanding their financial psychology, so that they can improve their own performance and learn how to outsmart other investors


Chapter by chapter, author Richard Peterson addresses various mental traps and how they play a role in investing

Innovative and accessible, Inside the Investor's Brain gives investors the tools they need to better understand how emotions and mental biases affect the way they manage money and react to market moves.

This book also contains descriptions of the work of neuroscientists, financial practitioners, and psychologists, offering an expert's view into the mind of the market

Through examples, such as a gambling experiment with playing cards, the author shows readers how being aware of the subconscious can separate the smart investors from the average ones

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